How To Sell Your Motorbike Online

After your motorbike serves you right for some time, it is only sensible to sell it and recoup some of your investment in it. There are several ways of selling your motorbike, but placing an ad on top classified ad websites in your area is the best way. Here are a few steps on how to Sell your motorbike online.

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Choose Your Preferred Motorbike Listing Site

Several motorbike listings websites allow you to sell your motorbike as quickly as possible by connecting you to buyers from all over the world. However, you need to choose the best of these websites if you want to sell your motorbike fast. On some sites, the sales are slow, mainly because fewer buyers are visiting the site. However, if you choose the leading motorbike classified ad website in your location, you stand a chance of selling it in a single day. Always remember that your motorbike wears out every day and you will be on the safer side if you sell it as soon as possible.

Place Your Ad On The Listing Site

After choosing your preferred site, it is now time to tell the people on the site what you are selling. You better do so in the best way possible. By this time, the motorbike should be ready for sale. It should have been repaired and serviced where necessary and made ready for immediate use by a buyer.

Upload Clear Images

motor bikeYou need to upload the best images of your motorbike if you want to sell it as fast as possible. Take images from all possible angles and choose the best ones to upload. Of course, the best image is the one that gives the best overall picture of the motorbike in terms of quality.


Now you need to describe your motorbike in black and white. In addition, you should describe the motorbike from both from the manufacturer’s view and from your own experience. In fact, you can give a positive review of the motorbike where you explain whether you think the motorbike runs true to its specifications according to the manufacturer. Do not forget that you are giving specifications of the motorbike that will allow you to sell it faster. For this reason, be careful with your choice of words. You are allowed to exaggerate the desirable specifications and mask others.


The last thing to consider when listing your motorbike on a classified ad website is the best price for your motorbike. Here, there are various factors to consider. Of course, the first factor is the brand and the make of the motorbike. In addition to this, you must also consider the year of manufacture and the number of previous owners. Moreover, the overall condition of the motorbike will also dictate the best price for the bike. Overall, make sure that you give a price that gives you great value for your motorbike and makes viewers feel that you are giving them value for their money at the same time.

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