Car hire at the Nurburgring Nordschleife

ghsdahgsda5Car hire at the Nurburgring Nordschleife is managed by motor racing professionals who are deeply in love with the sport. The race cars offered for hire are in the category of their own and boast of a massively superb performance that is hard to come across. Car racing do get very competitive and to stay on the very top you will need something superb to keep you going all the way. Our race cars are known for the superb performance and this can be attributed to the wonderful servicing that they are given all the time. Every aspect of our race cars is well monitored to ensure that safety and performance are at all times effectively monitored thanks to our experienced mechanical team who are always in the toe for the best service delivery.


The race cars come in wide options to choose from as we are fully aware that different drivers have that specific thing they are after in every car that they would want to race on. Our race car hire services come with no restrictions and everything is always in order; tires, steering, fuel, insurance, helmets and any other equipment that can be used to elevate the racing experience. To ensure that quality is something that stays on put throughout, regular testing is done on the cars to ensure that they get to deliver what is required of them; speed and ability to withstand much of stringent conditions which racing does involve.


inside of a Ferrari carThe good thing is that our office can be contacted to discuss the requirements for the race cars. Every aspect of race car hire can be done to suit the personal preferences that clients can have in mind. Pricing is very affordable and will only be influenced by the location of the race track which the hired car is to be used. Our team can have all that well-taken care as we take it upon our responsibility to move the hired race cars to where their racing agility is to be tested. Car hire at the Nurburgring Nordschleife can be done for many other reasons if not only for the race track. Hiring can be done even for personal racing training and in some instances we have had marketing firms hiring our race cars for photo shoots. If a client would want some help while using our race cars, we have support professionals who are available all the times to offer any technical support.

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