4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Engine Oil at Professional Auto Shop

Changing oil surely sounds like an easy task. If you go to YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of videos convincing and showing you how to do that at home without any professional assistance. But going to a mechanic to get your oil changed has its own perks. We’ll explore 4 of them below.

You Can Be Free from the Mess

When you change your car’s oil, you will have to drain the old one. And you can’t just dump that in municipal trash bins or drainage. Fortunately, auto shops and service stations accept used oil for recycling.

Besides, if you try to store all the used oil in a barrel, and place it in your garage, it’s going to smell. Not to mention, if you spill the oil, it’s going to leave stains that can take forever to clean. 

And don’t try to dump the used oil to a river or bury it in the soil as it can damage the environment. If you insist, you should know that there are laws explicitly forbidding people to dump oil waste irresponsibly. 

You Can Spot Problems and Handle Them On-Site

checking car's oilAnother benefit of hiring a professional mechanic to change the oil is that they will also conduct a general inspection on the engine. And they have the skills and resources to handle the problems on-site.

You Can Do Other Tasks

This may seem obvious, but if you’ve never brought your car to an auto shop, you probably don’t know that most of them have cozy lounges with Wi-Fi these days. You can sip coffee, eat some snacks, and work with your laptop while your car gets its oil change. Going for an auto service is no longer boring. 

You Are Free from Insurance Liabilities If There Is a Malfunction

car insurance protectionDo you know that if you like to fix your car by yourself, it is not actually a good thing for your insurance? Unless you are a licensed mechanic, insurance will deem your repair and maintenance attempts on your cars as more of negligent acts. If there are malfunctions that result in damage, you are least likely to get insurance protection! Therefore, the next time you plan to save some money by handling the oil change yourself, you may need to consult your insurance terms first. 

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