Features of a modern vehicle

One of the things that you should look out to when purchasing vehicles are their features. Most of the modern features make driving vehicles safer and easier as compared to the traditional cars. Different car models have different features. The more the features of the car, the costlier the car. The Kia soul near Johnson city will help you with the ideal features of your car. Let us look at some of these features of a modern vehicle;


Auto braking with forwarding collision warning

violet sports car

This is one of the greatest features that has been added to many vehicles that have made driving more secure. This system makes use of the radar, laser, and cameras to detect the cars that are ahead. If the driver is driving at high speed and closing in fast, he will be alerted of a possible forward collision. A vibration or an audible alert in the steering wheel will alert the driver. In the event the vehicle passes a certain threshold, then the auto-brakes will be applied immediately.

The lane departure warnings

This feature makes use of the lasers and cameras to monitor the markings on the lane. The driver will be alerted through an alarm if the car exits the path without the perfect turn signal being prompted. Some cars will alert the driver by vibrating his seat or steering wheel. This system has helped in reducing many accident incidences especially for drivers who doze off while they are on the wheel. This feature is becoming popular in many vehicles today.

Blind spots

More than 70 percent of the car accidents usually happen on the blind spot. With this feature, such accidents have been significantly reduced. These systems make use of the cameras and radar to inspect the blind spot on the vehicle. When the car enters a black spot, a green light will be illuminated which will alert the driver. In the event the driver does not notice the light and proceed with the change of lanes, an audible warning will be sounded to dissuade him from taking action. This feature is standard on the luxurious vehicles.

Adaptive headlights

headlight of a red vintage car

The adaptive headlights give the drive a more clear view of the road because it follows the input and the direction of the steering wheel when the car is in motion. Blurred vision is also one of the leading causes of accidents on our roads. This technology has been found to be efficient especially at night or when it is raining. With this feature, the driver is not only able to see ahead, but any person or object is walking down the road especially at night.


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